Texas Flag replacement on North Houston St

Last week we got together with another business owner, Jon Goddi, of Goddi's Photography

Jon had reached out to us about a couple of flags on his street that needed some #flagvocate love. The first, a Mr. Gene, was a 4x6ft US Flag that we replaced with a 3x5ft US Flag to keep him looking good while he arranged another larger flag. Mr. Gene was awesome to visit with and he is a strong supporter of flying our national flag as he is a surviving brother of a World World 2 casualty.

After visiting with Mr. Gene for a while we walked down to join the party of some of Jon's neighbors and friends. I noticed their Texas flag flown on a solid pole was badly faded and torn, not to mention hung upside down! After the wife of the man who hung it upside down quit giving him grief over it Jon and I replaced it with a new Texas Flag from our online store here

While putting it up everyone present was impressed and loved the vibrant colors and crispness of the new flag. We must admit loving how it looks every time we drive by now.

While both of these #flagvocate recipients could have gone to a store, or ordered something online, or been pressured by us to purchase a replacement that is not what the #flagvocate initiative is about. We strongly believe in showing pride in our nation and states, but focusing on the community that pride involves. We gift two flags that day, yes. But we also met 8-10 people who now know what We Are Flags is all about and made a good friend and business peer with Jon.

We know we're still new in this game, but we also know our community will only grow larger, stronger, and more vibrant as we continue to build relationships by helping others.

See a flag needing replaced? Send us an email at weareflagscustserv@gmail.com or find us on Facebook (@WeAreFlags) or Twitter (@flags_we) and send us a message.

Take care of yourselves and of each other.


We Are Flags

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