What is a #Flagvocate?

Many folks have asked us what we are talking about when we say "become a #flagvocate".

#Flagvocate is simply a word "coined" that is easy to hashtag, remember, and therefore generate a tracking presence online and in our digital media and website.

But you may ask, "Why is that important?" and "How does that answer the actual question of what a #flagvocate is?"

Those are excellent questions and we'll dive right into answering those questions.

First, "Why is that important?"

   Although we are a website based business that sells a physical product our intention and drive of beginning this company did not include sales or providing products to customers. Our initial thoughts, and underlying dream, is to reinvigorate the pride and esprit de corps of flying colors outside your home or business. We believe flags are vibrant and active entities within their environment that can catch the attention of onlookers like no other medium can. Basically we believe within our world we can influence and support our community through the flying of colors and sharing of our values and beliefs with those around us. The key word here is community. Therefore we settled on #flagvocate to link others into the community of flag flyers and wavers. We include the hashtag on the word to make it easier to copy and paste and this is used on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so any who are interested can join this growing community.

Second, "How does that answer the actual question of what a #flagvocate is?"

   Now that you know what we created #flagvocate for let us explain what that actually means in action. You, as a #flagvocate, sees a tattered or old and worn flag on your daily commute or after a nasty storm. Using the #flagvocate hashtag on social media document and share it with us and others. Invite others, including yourself, to donate via our #flagvocate listing, to enable us to replace that flag (US and Official State Flag) at no cost to the owners. We believe that specific circumstances in life should not prevent someone from showing their "colors" or flying the flags they support.

We know this doesn't cover all the questions or thoughts you may have about this #flagvocate initiative. We welcome you to become a member of our community online or you may contact us anytime via email at weareflagscustserv@gmail.com



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