About Us

Thanks for checking out We Are Flags. We'd like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and allow you to better understand who we are.

We are a veteran owned and operated business located in Central Texas. Although we're a small business we have partners around the globe and are able to meet your needs and in many cases exceed it.

Our staff are committed to community and, like our founder, have strong beliefs based on community support and building and maintaining long lasting and growing relationships with others.

We started We Are Flags after a discussion about how many flags we noticed were tattered or needing to be replaced. Initially we launched to crowd source flags for those in need or the elderly veteran community, we realized we could provide more for our community by selling flags directly in order to build the #flagvocate community, as well as, obtain flags below retail. This will allow us to help more of those we originally planned on helping.

As a business, we appreciate you coming to our little corner of the web and hope you decide to purchase from us. As individuals, we also appreciate you coming here and if you decide to purchase somewhere else, please consider "purchasing" a #flagvocate initiative to help others in need.

We know you hear it often, but we are committed to being your place for flags and items related to flags. We're thankful to have the opportunity to work for your business and we are always looking for others to help.


We Are Flags Team