Blue Line Fleece Blanket LPD Support

Blue Line Fleece Blanket LPD Support

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Blue Line Police Blanket for Lorena Police Department support. 

Our Police Department is made up of professionals who care about the safety and well being of our entire community. The men and the women of Lorena PD aren't there just when we have an emergency, but are out risking harm to do whatever they can to prevent an emergency. They protect our streets, businesses, schools, and are present whenever we come together as a community.

They are there every time we need them without fail. Let's have their backs too. The department has many needs in their day to day operations that are unique to each officer and employee. These things that we take for granted when we call 911 in an emergency or request police to assist us.

This fundraiser is being done in conjunction with one for the Volunteer Fire Department too. Let's see which department can raise the most money!

On the fence about this Blue Line Fleece Blanket LPD Support? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.